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I know what it’s like to serve a community and to fight for something.


I’m a public school teacher, an Iraq War Veteran, and a lifelong Arkansan.

I’m running for State Representative because I see a bright future for Alexander, Bryant, and Shannon Hills and I am going to fight to uplift all of our families.
I grew up in Warren, Arkansas in Bradley County - the City of Tomatoes and Wide Receivers. Living in South Arkansas, it wasn’t always easy for me and my family. The communities I knew when I was kid were the victims of rural neglect. Although we had great people, it seemed like leaders in Little Rock and Washington were willing to leave us behind. It was these experiences that sparked in me that passion for service and education.

Straight out of High School, I answered the call to military service.

Straight out of High School, I answered the call to military service. For as long as I could remember, I felt a pull towards serving my country, so when I became an adult, my first decision was to join the Army National Guard. While in the Guard, I was able to complete my college education. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Arkansas at Monticello (Go Boll Weevils!). 
When I graduated College, I was deployed to Iraq. While deployed, I earned my Combat Medic Badge treating service members who came under rocket attack on forward observation base Camp Cooke in Taji, Iraq. I was also able to follow my other passion - I wrote for my Battalion newspaper, The Aleutian. 
My military service means a great deal to me and is a big part of who I am. The opportunity to serve and defend my country gives me the perspective needed to serve the citizens of the State of Arkansas. Having fought for them, I understand how important our liberty and freedoms are, and I am ready to fight to uplift all Arkansans.

After my active military duty ended, I returned home to South Arkansas to continue my current passion - teaching.

For over a decade, I’ve taught in public school classrooms around the state, helping my kids discover their voices through writing, photography, and acting. I currently teach Photography and Journalism at Little Rock Central High School. Having learned and worked in public schools my whole life, I know what our public education system needs, and I’m determined to make the essential changes happen.

If my students learn one thing from my classes - it’s that you must always seek the truth. The truth is, we need change. For far too long, many Arkansans have been neglected, especially in our education and public health systems. As your State Representative, I will fight to make sure that our families and communities are able to reach their full potential. 
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