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I’m a public school teacher, an Iraq War Veteran, and a lifelong Arkansan.


I’m running for State Representative because I see a bright future for Alexander, Bryant, Shannon Hills, and Vimy Ridge, and I am going to fight to uplift all of our families.

I will serve all our Saline County families, workers, students, and veterans.


Improving Veteran Services

As a veteran, the health and wellbeing of my fellow service members are issues that weigh heavily on my mind. In the military, we are trained to not feel pain or show pain - especially mental pain. Many of my friends didn’t return home the same, and have suffered in silence. This has often led to disastrous outcomes. 
The way our veterans services operate now just doesn’t cut it. I’ll work to fix the inadequate connection between service members and providers, especially for rural veterans who simply don’t receive the same care that people in Little Rock do. I’ll look for innovative solutions, including public/private partnerships, to bridge this healthcare gap.

Protecting Public Education

Our public schools are one of the greatest strengths of our community. In the last few years, many families have moved to our neighborhoods just to send their children to our top quality schools. We have a vested interest in the way our schools are run on the state level.
I’ve fought for strong education standards at the Capitol before, and I’ll keep fighting as your State Representative. I’ll work to implement more holistic education standards and to fight against any attempt to divert any public education funds away from our public schools.

Funding Rural Healthcare 

Many people in our community live in remote places, and if they have a medical emergency, they have to wait 30-45 minutes for an ambulance. If you or a family member has experienced a serious medical emergency before, you know that 30-45 minutes is a lifetime and can mean life or death. 
Without efficient access to these essential services, we are leaving many of our neighbors out of lifesaving care. As your State Representative, it will be a top priority of mine to increase our ambulance services and rural healthcare.
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